Essential pieces for your beach days

Finding moments of solace and creating lasting memories on the sand are the epitome of our beloved Australian summer. These sunny days stretch out for what feels like forever, giving us endless opportunities to immerse in the beauty of the season and spend time with those we love most. 

But, making the most of your favourite season comes with a little bit of preparation. Gone are chaotic days at the beach, with your beach bag flung into your car without a second thought and missing half the essentials you need. Learning how to pack your beach bag or tote (and quickly!) means you can make the most of these precious summer moments, and soak in the sun in elevated comfort. 

It all starts with the right bag.

Our collection of Canvas Beach Bags are the must-have accessory for transporting your beach day essentials. This Beach Bag Tote is designed to be extra large so you can carry everything you need in just one oversized beach bag, these Canvas bags are the essential beginning to your perfectly packed bag. The fabric is easy to wipe clean on the inside and out, made from 100% recycled plastic bottles with a waterproof internal lining and a zip pocket in the front for your valuables. 

After you have selected your bag, you will need to pack something to lie on. If you’re going solo, a large beach towel or reclining beach chair are the perfect accessories for comfort. If you’re going with friends or family, a woven picnic blanket can provide an extra large area for lounging and catching up on. 

Once you’ve packed these bulky items, the next most important piece to add to your bag is your sun protection, SPF is always a must . A stylish hat, chic sunglasses, and a reef-safe sunscreen are a necessity. If you want to block out almost all of those harmful UV rays, a Beach Umbrella is an aesthetic, and functional choice (although it won’t fit inside your beach bag!).

No trip to the beach is complete without a good book and something to keep you entertained. You can easily slide your novel, a puzzle book, headphones, and any small toys the little ones might insist on bringing into the front pocket of your Canvas Beach Bag, keeping them easily accessible and separated from the rest of your necessities. 

Finally, the perfect day by the ocean calls for easy snacks and a cold bottle of water. Chop up some fresh summer fruits, put together a few sandwiches and treat yourself to your favourite crackers. Store your snacks with an ice pack inside a lunch box or cooler bag to keep it cool all day long. Staying hydrated is a must under the hot sun, so make sure you pack a big bottle of cold water, an insulated bottle is the best for days like this to keep the water cool and refreshing. 

So get your essentials together, pack your oversized canvas beach bag in advance and get ready to enjoy long, relaxing days with everything you need for a fun day under the sun.