Best Floral Boho Picnic Rugs
How to host the ultimate

Boho Picnic Soiree

Your guide to throw a beautiful picnic party, complete with boho picnic throws, sophisticated styling suggestions and a gourmet menu.

It’s time to gather your friends, pack some delicious food, pull out your favourite picnic rugs and host a beautifully styled and curated picnic party. No matter what time of year, you can dress for the season to spend the afternoon outside to celebrate a special occasion or just get together with friends and loved ones.

Here are our top tips and inspirational ideas for planning a picnic - perfect inspiration for baby showers, birthday parties, anniversaries, hens parties and more.

It's all about the setting

Under the sun or the skies. At the beach or in the park. Somewhere local or require a car to get there. Even in your own backyard.

Whatever your style, we’ll bet it’ll be the perfect picnic backdrop for you and your guests - and all those watching along on Instagram. 

Location sets the tone for the entire occasion - the theme, attire, menu, even guest list! On the beach, it’s sandy toes and food that can handle all the elements. In the garden, it’s day dresses and wedges with cold glasses of Champagne.

Top tips

Tip 1: If you’re setting up outdoors, pay attention to where the sun is positioned and where it will move to - you don't want to realise all too late that the sun has moved and your once perfect picnic spot is now covered in shade. 

Tip 2: Have a backup plan. The weather forecast can be wrong too, so when you're planning, think of a wet weather option that’ll protect you and your guests from the elements.

Seated in style

Perhaps we should have started here. This quite literally should be your first consideration when it comes to setting up the ultimate pretty picnic . 

What are your seating options? Are there tables and chairs at your chosen location? How will all of your beautifully prepared food be kept off the floor? We need to create your picnic space, starting from the ground up. 

ISLA boho picnic rugs are gorgeous, oversized blankets perfect for just this!

Guaranteed to land you content your followers can only dream of capturing. Your picnic setup will stand out with dreamy bursts of colour, warm fabrics that are soft to touch, seriously spacious and and aesthetically pleasing. Each rug comfortably seats 4 people (plus all your picnic essentials) and compliments your picnic in the most perfect way. 

To eat in style

Ah, simple pleasures. It doesn’t take a lot to plan a great picnic menu. Delicious sips and snacks, a little bit of background music and a lot of great company, it’s a winning combination. 

Whether you’re keeping it light and fresh, or going for an all-out feast, when it comes to picnic food and recipes, we say keep it simple. You’ll want things that are easy to transport and carry. 

Think charcuterie and grazing boards overloaded with cheese, dips, grapes and freshly sliced French bread, fruit salads with a colourful explosion of berries, watermelon, oranges and kiwi fruit, and ready-to-eat meals from your local grocer or deli. 

To drink, pack your favourite bottle of Champagne, or on those cooler days a heart (and soul) warming bottle of red. If it’s a little earlier in the day or week, fresh juices, coffees and home-brewed kombuchas are our go-to. 

Tip from us to you, once you’re all set up, pull out your phone (before it’s so politely placed back into your handbag) and take a picture of your picnic arrangement. If you’re anything like us, that grazing board won’t stay looking like it does for long. 

Styling supplements

We’ve covered the essentials, now let’s talk styling and props. If there’s one thing that makes for beautiful content and photoshoots, it’s knowing how to style your setting. 

Now you’ve got your ISLA picnic rugs sorted, you can work towards a colour theme and ensure all of your accessories compliment the look, feel and vibe you’re going for. 

Layer it up. Give your picnic an eclectic feel by adding a bunch of different throws and place mats on top of your rug. Then you can style your grazing boards and food platters accordingly. 

Flowers are always a hit. Gorgeous aromas, beautiful colours and they just spark a sense of happiness - it’s like magic! 

And because it’s a picnic, you’ll also want to bring along a large wicker basket, a selection of plates and cutting boards, glassware, cutlery and napkins. 

It all starts with our boho picnic rugs

Our signature bohemian floral prints have been exclusively designed by us for a beautiful, vibrant backdrop. You can choose from soft, feminine colour palettes, earthy tones or vibrant, playful hues - there's a picnic throw to suit!

P.s take a look at the other side of your rug! All ISLA's picnic rugs are woven and have a second colour way on the reverse side which is an added bonus!

Endless memories are just waiting to be created...

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