Enter our world of colour & prints

Bohemian prints and bright florals is where our imagination drifts when we’re dreaming up a new design for ISLA. Whether it’s bold, vintage blooms or free-spirited, paisleys, we always envision our prints brought to life with an array of perfectly contrasted colours. Our aim is to create detail oriented designs on a new level. Designs that are true to our aesthetic and brand.

Behind our aesthetic

Since our beginning in 2019, Isla In Bloom has thoughtfully grown and evolved in many ways. From a sustainable swimwear start up, to the well known Australian lifestyle brand we are today. Complete with a full offering of picnic rugs, beach umbrellas and luxe cotton towels, in addition to our Australian made swim. Throughout this evolution, there has always been one constant: our signature bohemian prints and bright floral aesthetic that our customers know and love. 

All of these designs are born from an obsession with colour and prints. They are a reflection of unforgettable summer memories and experiences all over the world. From Italy’s flower-filled terraces to the warm colours of the Australian desert, each memory is illustrated in striking prints that define us.

The beginning of our prints

After struggling to find high quality swimwear in beautiful, feminine prints, we started researching the process of creating our own boutique swimwear label. We were always drawn to boho and floral prints so we decided early on we would start our collections in this print style. The range would be full of colourful statement pieces you could take from one season to the next.

Summer Nostalgia

Our first swimwear collection, Summer Nostalgia, was adorned in boho florals inspired by idyllic destinations around the world. Bohemian yet feminine, each capturing a scene from a magical summer vacation.

Lifestyle accessories

After not being able to find accessories that adorned vibrant boho and floral prints, just like our swimwear, it only seemed fitting to create the accessories we desired in our own aesthetic. We applied the same design approach to our boho picnic rugs, beach towels and vintage style beach umbrellas.


GARDENIA is our most recent collection and the prints encapsulate this name perfectly. Featuring bursts of soft and bold romantic florals, balancing decadent colours and tones. We describe this effortlessly sophisticated range as a garden party realised through signature ISLA designs. 

Though all of these designs are described with an effortless appearance, they each take much thought and care. A perfected craft that goes through a meticulous process. 

Our meticulous design process

When it comes to our prints, they are noticeably infused with beautifully saturated shades. Working closely with artists to bring our vision to life, all of our colours are tweaked multiple times to perfect these palettes, whether it be for our swimwear, sun umbrellas, beach towels or woven picnic blankets. Each colour, balance, style of elements and spacing are considered carefully. Our commitment to this design process is evident in the quality of designs we bring to you. 

When we choose our colours, we create palettes that reflect our ultra-feminine and fun style and take into consideration the feelings we want them to convey. For example, the pinks, purples and coral tones allude to femininity and romance, whereas our brighter colours like the yellows, orange and blues evoke confidence and a sense of playfulness. During this process, we always ensure that no matter how vibrant they are, the tones contrast beautifully while always upholding a level of elegance.

To go a step further, we will look at the way our products are going to be used and how they will appear. For our swimwear collections, we select colours that are going to suit many different skin tones and hair colour. For our picnic rugs, we opt for eye catching tones that turn heads out in nature, yet still are elegant enough to suit interiors of our customers homes. We’re continually testing, evolving and pushing the boundaries of our prints and styles.

The evolution of our prints

Behind each design is a story. A past escapade we want to share through our prints.

Our 2023 collection will stay true to this, with an exciting collection of fun prints being introduced for the new season. We’re redefining summer vacay vibes in our signature aesthetic for all of your future balmy days in the sun. The evolution of our brand is an exciting one, and one we cannot wait to share with you all for seasons to come.