Life is a constant process of evolution. We grow. We gather new knowledge. We dream new dreams. The world changes around us and we are changed too. 

With a refined identity and an expanded vision, we invite you into our evolution.

A reflection on our journey

6 years ago we began this journey in an apartment in London. The beaches of Europe were tempting us away for summer holidays and we dreamed of perfectly elegant and colourful swimsuits and accessories to accompany us on our travels. The current market couldn’t answer our dreams so Isla In Bloom was born to create what we wanted for ourselves, and we soon realised that there were a lot of other women who wanted the same. 

From the streets of London to the sunny beaches of Sydney, Australia, Isla In Bloom expanded into a premium range of lifestyle accessories for lovers of vibrant prints and premium quality. We became the go-to destination for anyone wanting to live a life of celebration and friendship, coloured with bohemian and floral prints. But we wanted to dream bigger and challenge ourselves to expand our ideas and designs for what an aesthetic of feminine joy would look like.

We were ready to evolve and this is our evolution.

We farewell Isla In Bloom and welcome you to ISLA. Created from the same ethos of modern feminine joy and inspired by the relaxed spaciousness of summer, ISLA marks a new era in the life of our design house – an era where we expand our range and broaden our design horizons. As we move forward, unveiling new products and print styles, our commitment to creating premium colourful lifestyle pieces remains. 

An end of an era

As we embark on this new chapter of our journey, we want to share an important update with you.

After careful consideration and reflection, we've decided to pause our swimwear production, perhaps indefinitely, as we shift our focus towards evolving our lifestyle accessory categories. This decision stems from a couple of factors. Firstly, there is a lack of production capacity in Australia to sustain our swimwear line, a challenge we've previously discussed in detail on our blog. Secondly, our dedication to continuously evolving and growing our lifestyle categories is also driving this decision. Curating meaningful collections that resonate with the essence of our brand takes time, and shifting all of our focus to our accessories range, we can better dedicate our time and efforts.

While swimwear has been an integral part of our identity since the inception of Isla In Bloom, we feel compelled to explore new avenues that align more closely with our refined vision and expanded scope. By concentrating our efforts on crafting premium lifestyle picnic and beach accessories, we aim to elevate your experiences and celebrations, whether you're basking under the sun on a picturesque beach or creating cherished memories with loved ones during a delightful picnic in the park.

Rest assured, our transition away from swimwear does not diminish our dedication to quality, creativity, and vibrant expression. If anything, it allows us to channel our energy into curating an even more diverse and captivating collection of products that embody the spirit of modern feminine joy.

We are immensely grateful for your unwavering support over the last four and a half years of Isla In Bloom.

We now invite you to embark on this journey with us and discover new ways to bring joy, colour and elegance into your life.

We’re excited to have you here,

Misha x

Founder of ISLA