Ethical Womens Swimwear & Bikinis

Creating ISLA

Australian-Made Boutique Swimwear

ISLA, the Australian-made boutique swimwear label, is inspired by summer holiday destinations around the world. Envision pebbly beaches in the south of Italy, romantic strolls in the bougainvillea filled streets of Oia or aperitivo hour in a blossom filled garden in Portugal. It is a label for the bohemian summer dreamer. 

The brand is built around creating classic swimwear styles in beautifully bold prints made from recycled and sustainable materials​. Designed to be worn by the sea, in all of their colour and beauty. 

The journey so far

I had the idea to create my own sustainable swimwear label after struggling to find beautiful, brightly printed bikinis that were eco conscious, ethically made and most importantly, suited to a woman’s figure. Having a love for colour, I found myself purchasing bikinis from fast fashion surf brands as they were the brands producing swimwear of this type. But the fit was never quite right. 

Struggling to find swimwear that suited my shape, I often found I had to shop at stores that sold mix and match separates. This was the only solution to being different sizes in tops and bottoms. Bikinis with fixed sides were always too tight resulting in purchasing bottoms one size larger. This meant the bottoms were fitted at the back, but loose at the front. This wasn't ideal for feeling confident on the beach with friends during summer, let alone a day spent wandering those pebbly beaches in the south of Italy! 

Living in London at the time, I could not find a single brand that addressed my swimwear issues. I knew I couldn’t be the only woman longing for swimwear the met a certain criteria summer after summer. The criteria, while basic, was extremely important and only consisted of three points:

- Bright, feminine prints 

- Classic swimwear styles that suited a woman’s curves 

- Made from recycled and sustainable materials 

The strong desire (or desperation) to wear bikini bottoms that were a perfect fit, pushed me towards my journey of creating my own swimwear label. It wasn’t long before I was researching how I could fill the gap in the market for well-crafted, sustainable swimwear. Without knowing if my planning and research would ever come to fruition, I spent my nights sourcing the very best fabric samples, understanding printing techniques, meeting pattern and swimwear makers, creating my brand concept and exploring eco-friendly packaging. All whilst working a full-time job. 

After 6 months of formulating an idea and a year of planning, ISLA was brought to life. Officially launching in September 2019. 

The premium swimwear collections are a modern take on classic swimwear styles. ISLA has gone back to basics, adding our own twist. The focus is on quality of fit. Swimwear that flatters your shape, making you feel beautiful and confident. 

Our sophisticated and simple styles are undoubtedly mix and match. We have two bikini tops to choose from. A modern take on the classic triangle and bralette, both with adjustable over the shoulder straps. The low-rise bikini bottoms have three coverage options, cheeky, regular or full coverage. Each with tie-sides

Our pieces feature bright, feminine florals and boho-inspired prints. All in striking colours, perfect for a vibrant, fun summer. The prints are designed by artists in Byron Bay. Each a gentle reminder of past trips and happy, nostalgic memories of adventure. 

ISLA is all about slow fashion. This is the main reason for launching with a small collection, the Mia, Siena, Peony, Bodhi and Lola. We will continue to produce limited numbers in a select range of classic styles as time goes on. 

We want you to create everlasting memories in our unique pieces. Pieces you can easily pack into your suitcase knowing you will wear each one, and feel your very best while wearing them. 

We hope you enjoy ISLA as your swimwear of choice this summer. Sunshine awaits you. 

Misha x